Wood Badge Trained Leaders

Wood Badge is the ultimate award in Scout leadership training focused to teach leadership skills to adults involved in all levels of Scouting.

Adult Leader Troop Position Patrol Course Completed
Paul McNulty SM Beaver W3-55-15-2
Harry May ASM Antelope W3-55-13-2
Douglas Wirnowski ASM Bear W3-55-12-2
Sally Erickson District Advancement Co-Chair Bobwhite W3-55-11-1
Nagib Hakim ASM Owl WE3-55-08
John Lucas ASM Antelope WE3-55-08
Kathi Lucas ASM Buffalo WE3-55-08
David Low ASM Antelope WE3-33-03
Mark Enright ASM Fox WE3-31-03
Calvin Gabriel ASM Antelope WE3-55-2-02
Bob Wedig ASM Flying Eagles WE3-55-2-02
Paul Doherty Fox SR-320
L.T. Guttadauro Committee Assistant Chairman Crow WE3-55-99
Brian Latona ASM Owl WE3-55-98
Mike Chin ASM QM Advisor Fox WE3-55-97
Charlie Schramm ASM Fox WE3-55-96
Bob Ulicki ASM Instructor Advisor Eagle WE3-55-96
Dick Wildman Committee Member Bear SR-5-94